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CMADDICT stands for Christian Media Addict. It was founded in March of 2009 by Kevin Thorson. Originally devoted solely to Christian music, it was recently restructured to include media items of interest to the Christian community.

CMADDICT has been honored with exclusive interviews with such artists as Rebecca St. James, Peter Furler, Michael Tate, Kevin Max, Fireflight and more. The unofficial anthem of the site is Fireflight’s song “Core of My Addiction.” 

Kevin Thorson’s Testimony

Until July of 1997, Kevin Thorson played guitar. He planned on joining his sister and brother-in-law in the mission field in Brazil until an accident paralyzed him from the neck down and changed the course of his life. He eventually regained much neurological function but still remains mostly disabled. In 2009, he redirected his two great loves – God and music – into a site dedicated to both.


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