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CMADDICT stands for Christian Music Addict. It was founded on March 8th of 2009 by Kevin Thorson. We cover all genres of Christian music but focus heavily on rock, pop, hip-hop and country. We post music videos, news, free music downloads, interviews, articles, playlists, images and more! Check out our playlists here!

We also post pro-life articles and inspiring true stories. Read Kevin Thorson’s story here and find out why he’s pro-life.

CMADDICT is the home of Slightly Obsessed and the intriguing series Behind Blood Falls.

We have been honored with exclusive interviews with such artists as Rebecca St. James, Peter Furler, Manafest, Fireflight and more. Our unofficial anthem is Fireflight’s song “Core of My Addiction.” (hear it here).


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My Story and Why I’m Pro-Life

I was nineteen when I broke my neck in Canada. At the time I was diagnosed with a C2 complete spinal chord injury which meant I had nothing. I couldn’t move, breathe or feel anything. All I could do is blink. The doctor there was sure to inform my parents that I would never regain anything. He tried to convince them that “pulling the plug” was the only reasonable option. I wanted to live, even with so much loss. The doctor wasn’t going to ask my wishes though. You see the hospital there was a organ donor hospital, and I was young, healthy and athletic. I was more valuable dead than alive…

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