What Is Blood Falls?

Pam Thorson’s new Christian novel Blood Falls weaves Revelation prophecies and rich settings into a fast-paced novel of the Tribulation.

Within its pages lies murder, mystery, end-times intrigue, and an unexpected twist. Spanning the Frozen Continent to the Lost City, this book will entertain, inspire, and challenge today’s reader.


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McMurdo Station – Gateway to Antarctica 

McMurdo Station sits at the southernmost point of the volcanic rock known as Ross Island and serves as the gateway for most scientific and tourist ventures. Its easy access to McMurdo Sound allows the continent to have supplies shipped in during the austral season.

Personnel and supplies are flown into McMurdo from Christchurch via military transport planes as weather permits. Flights are suspended during the winter months because the cold turns the plane’s fuel into jelly. Resupply flights resume in August. During the austral season,

McMurdo Station has a population of over 1,000 people. A small crew stays to maintain operations during the long winter of darkness.


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Navigating an Alien World

The U.S. Air Force charters C-17 transports between Christchurch, New Zealand, and McMurdo Station for the U.S. Antarctic Program. These hulking workhorses boast four Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines and have a maximum carrying capacity of 170,900 pounds (77,519 kilograms). They carry most of the cargo and personnel during Antarctica’s austral season.

Each plane can carry 102 troops/paratroops, 36 litter and 54 ambulatory patients with their attendants, or a full capacity of cargo.

They land and take-off from the annual sea-ice runway near McMurdo Station, where the ice must be at least 6 and ½ feet (about 2 meters) thick to support the jets. According to the Air Force website, the two outstanding features of the C-17 are its reliability and maintainability.


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The Dark Side of the Ice

Since the continent’s discovery in 1820, explorers and researchers have been brought down by its harsh winter season, a six-month stretch from March to September.

The land’s brutal climate and fickle weather assault both body and soul, driving many an invader over the edge.

There’s even a term for it: polar madness.


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The Year Without a Summer

After centuries of dormancy, Indonesia’s Mount Tambora erupted with a roar in 1815, belching millions of tons of sulfur into the air. Steam and lesser eruptions occurred for the next six months to three years. The ash and pollution spread across the globe, causing a drop in temperature averaging five degrees. Crops failed around the world.

The next year, 1816, was dubbed the Year Without a Summer.


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When research scientist Darren Imgalrea is found murdered at the base of Blood Falls in Antarctica, Major Adriana “Jack” Caldas of nearby McMurdo Station must secure the scene for the authorities. Two FBI special agents from the Hawaii field office soon join the investigation and pull Caldas into a web of intrigue spanning three continents.

On the other side of the world, Italian firebrand Aemilius DeMatteo has risen to lead Europe out of a series of crises. From Brussels and his royal palace on the Temple Mount, this new savior plots to raise his own Star of Bethlehem over the nations.

On the run from assassins as her old world crumbles around her, what Caldas fears most is not the darkness falling over the earth, but the rapid and bewildering descent into her own soul.

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