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  1. Hello! New to this. I read Pam’s book. Incredible! The other articles shown here. What are they? Series? Sermons? Articles? What does cmaddict do or mean?
    Thank you for your response.


    1. Hi, Cathy! It’s Pam. Thanks for your comment and for reading Blood Falls. I’m glad you enjoyed it and found this website. My son Kevin is the founder and editor of cmaddict.com. “CMADDICT” is short for “Christian Music Addict” and is fitting, since Kevin has always loved Christian music. His dream from childhood was to play music for God. He played guitar throughout his teen years and planned to going join his older sister and her husband serving God in Brazil after his graduation from high school.

      Those plans were sidelined on July 11, 1997, when he suffered a devastating spinal cord injury and nearly died. After his condition stabilized and he returned home to live, Kevin redirected his love of Christian music into this website. Kevin regularly works with artists and promoters to bring the best in new Christian music to listeners. As his site grew to incorporate other content, he invited me on board as a contributor with my devotional series, “Slightly Obsessed.”

      Having authored three other books, I had a new book project in mind in 2020, which was upended by the pandemic. It took me over three years to research and write Blood Falls. The hours I invested in the novel often brought me to worship my Creator as I unearthed and contemplated the treasures connected to the novel through my studies in science, history, and God’s Word. I kept my own record of these gems alongside the manuscript, and it eventually grew into its own “book.”

      Kevin, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of Blood Falls, came up with the idea of turning my notes into a series called “Behind Blood Falls.” This series follows the outline of the book and gives insight into the plot. Each week I share the Biblical basis for the novel and nuggets from the real world of each setting. It’s crafted to give the reader a look behind the scenes with the goal of glorifying our Savior and encouraging a weary church.

      I know this is a long reply and hope it answers your questions. Check out the “About” tab to read more about cmaddict.com. Don’t miss “This Is My Story,” by Kevin. You will be blessed.

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