Slightly Obsessed #211: Can a Worm Fly?

He does great things which we cannot comprehend.

– Job 37:5 NKJV

The harvest long gone, the ground lay in deep slumber.

A tiny hard seed fell unnoticed to the earth. For months it lay unseen. But within that tiny shell, the blueprint for a full-grown tree rested in the cold, black soil. In spring, under a nurturing sun and life-giving rain, it burst from the ground and reached toward the light to grow and bloom.

The caterpillar who once crawled in the same dirt awaited release from its chrysalis shroud. Transformation complete, it emerged with not the slightest resemblance to the creature it once was. The worm was gone. From its shell it unfurled magnificent wings woven into gossamer sails and ornately painted by the hand of God as it lay in the stillness.

In a nearby field, a calf formed unseen in the womb of its mother for long months. God intricately knitted blood and bone and tissue into the image of its parents as it, too, waited out the darkness. Beautiful, full of life, perfectly woven, it finally entered the first light of a new day. 

Another spring has come, bringing new life from dark places and proclaiming once again the reality of God’s power to transform.

Here are the everyday miracles to which we have become a bit too accustomed. Engrossed in our problems, living in the darkness of our sorrows, we walk blindly past the gospel of creation trumpeting the praises of the resurrected Christ. Beaten down by the world’s lies that this is all there is, that nothing ever changes, and there is no way out, we resign ourselves to the shadows and the dirt.

But all around us, creation begs to differ.

Darkness is God’s secret workshop, where He fashions the new creation away from the prying eyes of His enemies.

In the chrysalis of the closet, He plans and weaves and forms His beloved into something that will burst forth with joy at the proper season. To us, our problems are impossible to solve. But we serve a God of the impossible.

In God’s world, worms sprout painted wings and a little seed produces a tree. While I weep and complain and feel sorry for myself, God simply smiles and works. It is the season of resurrection, after all. The frozen ground must yield to the rising sun. In the glow of a new season, life once again conquers death. Miracles abound around us, and we remember that winter never wins. Jesus is Lord, and that is enough.

Can God solve my problems?

Can a worm fly?


Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

– Jeremiah 33:3

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