Flourish Music’s new single, No Rival, is available now on digital platforms.

AUSTIN, Texas Flourish Music’s new single, No Rival, is available now on digital platforms.

The Austin, Texas-based collective, who’s heart is to equip the local church with meaningful and creative gospel-centered songs, declares the greatness of God in their latest release, No Rival.

Produced by Austin Davidson, and written over a two-year period by a group of worship leaders at a Flourish Music retreat, No Rival is a song for the season.

“In a world that can seem like it’s spinning out of control, No Rival is an anthem that comes from Jeremiah 10:6 — ‘There is none like you, O LORD; you are great, and your name is great in might’,” says Jonathan Hunt of Flourish Music. “It’s a truth that we need to repeat, we need to believe, and we need to declare. When we do, we find the freedom to live a surrendered life placing King Jesus above all else.”

Flourish Music hopes No Rival will remind listeners that Christ is King and nothing can stand against the Lord.

“We pray as people declare the song, it will remind them of who God is and give them the confidence to walk in boldness in a dark world,” says Hunt. “When we worship we put God in His right place and ourselves in our right place — in need of Him. We hope that if nothing else, God is glorified with this song, and when worshipers are at a loss for words in how to respond to the Lord,  No Rival becomes a memorable anthem for their lives.”

For more information on Flourish Music, visit flourishcreative.org. Listen to No Rival here.

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