Slightly Obsessed #153: Why 2 Chronicles 7:14 May not Mean What You Think


If… My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

– Chronicles 7:14

King David longed to build the Temple of God for his people.

But God wouldn’t allow him the privilege because he was a man of war. David prepared the materials, however, and the task was fulfilled by his son Solomon.

When the Temple was finally completed, Solomon held a dedication for it. At the dedication, the people of Israel offered many sacrifices and the place was consecrated according to God’s instructions.

Solomon offered a heartfelt prayer to the Lord, asking God’s blessing upon the place. As he finished, the glory of God fell so heavily the priests could not enter. According to 2 Chronicles 7:1, “The glory of the LORD filled the house.”

This was God’s land and His people. The Temple was symbolic of both the Person of Jesus Christ and the coming Church, as revealed in the New Testament.

It was not representative of America.

I love the often-held idea our nation can be made whole if God’s people humble themselves and pray for America. Intercession is a good thing.

But Israel was, and is, a nation like no other. She is singular in that she was formed specifically as His own. In the Old Testament God worked with Israel corporately in the way He works with the worldwide Church today, and He has in no way renounced Israel.

No other nation except Israel did God declare to be His special possession.

The United States has been blessed, no doubt. If the symbolism of 2 Chronicles is to be applied correctly to the New Testament age, however, it means if God’s people, i.e. the Church, sins and falls into the discipline of the Lord, and the Church humbles herself and prays, then God will heal His Bride.

America is headed down a dangerous road. She desperately needs our prayers. More importantly, God’s people need to be on our knees for the Church. If we humble ourselves and pray and confess our sins, He will heal us.

If we are faithful to share the good news of the Savior, others may be turned from the path to destruction. Righteousness, we are told in Proverbs 14:34, exalts a nation. The way to help America is to lead others to righteousness.

I love my country.

It hurts me to see her so tortured by sin. We are not called to save America, though. We are called to make disciples in all nations, including this great land.

Let’s begin by praying for the Church to be all she can be. May she be healed. May the glory of the Lord fill the house.


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