Worldwide Volcanic Activity is reporting many active volcanoes around the world in April 2020.

Currently erupting volcanoes are in Japan; Halmahera; Paramushir Island; Antarctica; Ethiopia; Italy; Guatemala; Indonesia; Kamchatka; Ryukyu Islands; Nicaragua; DRCongo; Central Mexico; Ecuador; Peru; and Tanna Island. Volcanic activity ranges from steam plume and sulfur emissions to explosive ash plumes and lava flows.

Volcanic activity appears to be on the rise along with earthquakes, although experts argue about the interpretation of the reports. About seventy-five percent of the earth’s volcanoes occur in the area of seismic restlessness that rims the Pacific plate and is known as the Ring of Fire.

Mount Etna in Italy is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, ranking only behind Kilauea in Hawaii. In Indonesia, Krakatoa is currently erupting along with three other volcanoes. There are more than 300 volcanoes on the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka; twenty-nine of them are considered active.

Eruption warnings and minor activity have also been reported in Barren Island in the Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica, as well as in several countries now also experiencing actively erupting volcanoes.

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