NASHVILLE, TENN. (JANUARY 15, 2021) Nashville-based singer/songwriters Ellie Holcomb and Jillian Edwards and their musical collaboration – The Dailys – release a four-song EP available today. The special side-project is produced by their friend/producer/artist/poet Ben Shive.

Both Holcomb and Edwards have become staple songwriters in the Nashville songwriter community over the years. They have co-wrote 10 songs together including songs that have also appeared on their individual solo projects.

“The music making community in Nashville is a rich one, and sometimes…just sometimes …you get to collaborate with some of your favorite artists and people to make a project together – in this case Jillian and Ben,” shares Ellie Holcomb. “We hope this project is full of the kind of beauty that nourishes the soul.”

“I love making music with Ellie and love our producer Ben Shive,” states Jillian Edwards. “I hope these songs serve you and your daily life.”


About Ellie Holcomb: Ellie Holcomb, a Nashville native, began her musical career by touring the country with her husband in Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. After 8 years, and with the birth of their daughter, Ellie opted to step out of the role of heavy touring. From that space came her debut solo album, As Sure As The Sun, which charted at No. 1 on the iTunes Christian chart and helped deem Holcomb the “Best New Artist” at the 2014 Dove Awards. In 2017, she released Red Sea Road (Full Heart Music), which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Christian Album sales chart and on the Top Current Album Sales, overall chart. In 2018, she became a best-selling author with the release of Who Sang the First Song? (B&H Publishing Group) and Dove-nominated EP, Sing: Creation Songs. She followed-up those projects with Don’t Forget To Remember (B&H Kids), and accompanying EP, Sing: Remembering Songs, which won the 2020 GMA Dove Award for “Children’s Album of the Year.” Ellie and her her husband, Drew, have entertained their fans through the pandemic first bringing song covers from their kitchen night after night with their “Kitchen Covers,” and as well as being the face of a special Tennessee Tourism campaign featuring their family with four episodes. She is currently finishing up a new album that will release in 2021. Ellie, her husband and their three children live and make music in Nashville.


About Jillian Edwards: For more than a decade, Jillian Edwards—who now resides in Nashville with her husband, Will, drummer for indie rock band Colony House, and their daughter, Willow Faye—has consistently written and recorded music through the lens of faith, even when she’s crafting songs about love and relationships or writing songs specifically for film and television. The latter has seen Edwards’ songs featured in television episodes of Nashville, Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy, and on commercials for Citibank among other high-profile brands. In addition, a collaboration with EDM DJ Thomas Gold resulted in a surprise hit for the singer/songwriter with “Magic,” on which she is credited as a co-writer and featured vocalist. Her previous collection of original material, 2014’s Daydream, topped iTunes’ Singer/Songwriter chart and landed at No. 6 on Billboard’s New Artist chart. In 2016, she released COVERS, putting her creative stamp on 10 reimagined versions of some of her favorite songs written by other artists. In 2020, she released her new album Meadow, where this singer/songwriter once again wears her heart on her sleeve creating a project that is ready-made for rest, solitude and comfort.

(Westlake Village, CA) — In less than a year, one doctor in California has raised enough money via social media to free 1125 slaves in Sudan. Dr. Mark Girguis is a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church (the Orthodox Church of Egypt) and an active lay member involved in Bible studies, men’s groups, and youth ministry. When he heard about Christian Solidarity International’s efforts to free Christians and non-Muslims in Sudan, he felt led to do something significant.

“I couldn’t believe that slavery still existed,” says Girguis. “I thought when we defeated the institution in the United States, it had disappeared. Being Coptic Orthodox, with a tremendous Church history of persecution since our existence in the first century, we have a number of churches in Sudan, a neighboring country to Egypt. I remember in our youth group, we had two brothers that had fled Sudan because of persecution. I have two daughters who are incredibly precious to me. In putting myself in the shoes of the Sudanese parents who suffered the loss and kidnapping of their children, my heart was broken. God then led me to start the Free 1000 Campaign.”

In January 2020, Girguis began sharing his Free 1000 Campaign on social media, through his church, utilizing presentations and videos, and raising awareness of the problem of slavery. Last month, Dr. Girguis achieved his personal goal of freeing 1000 Sudanese slaves, raising over $250,000 for the effort. For a cost of about $250, Christian Solidarity International frees a slave in exchange for a much-needed cattle vaccine. Each liberated person is then given a survival kit of essential items, a dairy goat, and food as well as health care, plus safe passage back to their families and communities.

“As Christians, we are called to do acts of mercy and build the Kingdom of God,” says Girguis. “To release these Christians from the captivity of Muslims who force the slaves to adopt their religion was a great motivator for me. To allow these people to come back to Christ, released from Islam — well, there are very few opportunities where our actions can really change a life for eternity. From slavery to freedom, from Muslim control to Christian faith, restored to family, and heaven bound. I have prayed for the donors and the slaves and for lives being changed, and maybe one of the most profound changes, was in me. ”


Find out more information, support and follow the Free 1000 campaign journey at

About Christian Solidarity International:

Founded over 40 years ago, CSI is an international Christian human rights organization, campaigning for religious liberty and human dignity, and assisting victims of religious persecution, victimized children and victims of catastrophe. CSI delivers emergency food assistance, medical treatment, and other lifesaving aid to victims of religious persecution and natural disasters in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, South Sudan, Pakistan, and other hotspots around the globe. CSI is currently the only organization working to liberate Christians and other South Sudanese forced into slavery by government-backed forces during the Sudanese civil war. For more information visit is reporting many active volcanoes around the world in April 2020.

Currently erupting volcanoes are in Japan; Halmahera; Paramushir Island; Antarctica; Ethiopia; Italy; Guatemala; Indonesia; Kamchatka; Ryukyu Islands; Nicaragua; DRCongo; Central Mexico; Ecuador; Peru; and Tanna Island. Volcanic activity ranges from steam plume and sulfur emissions to explosive ash plumes and lava flows.

Volcanic activity appears to be on the rise along with earthquakes, although experts argue about the interpretation of the reports. About seventy-five percent of the earth’s volcanoes occur in the area of seismic restlessness that rims the Pacific plate and is known as the Ring of Fire.

Mount Etna in Italy is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, ranking only behind Kilauea in Hawaii. In Indonesia, Krakatoa is currently erupting along with three other volcanoes. There are more than 300 volcanoes on the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka; twenty-nine of them are considered active.

Eruption warnings and minor activity have also been reported in Barren Island in the Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica, as well as in several countries now also experiencing actively erupting volcanoes.