Interview with Lauren Muzyka, Founder, President & CEO of Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Lauren Muzyka, Founder, President & CEO of Sidewalk Advocates for Life speaks with’s Kevin Thorson about why she founded SAFL, their mission, current pro-life issues, the March for Life and more! For those who may not have heard of your organization yet, could you tell us about Sidewalk Advocates for Life and what you […]

Worship Group Futures Talks About The Inspiration Behind Their New Album “Hills & Horizons”

Interview with FUTURES members Chloe Evans, Mark Evans, Danae Leslie and Ryan Rolls: Congrats on the release of your new album Hills & Horizons.  Tell our audience about the making of the album. Danae: Thanks so much! It’s been a wild ride over the past 2 years – time flies when you’re having fun, and […]

Manafest Interview

  Andrew: I heard that you’re back in the studio. Is that right? Christopher: Yeah, I am! Andrew: So can we be expecting some new music soon then? Christopher: Yeah, hopefully in August is when it will release. I’m really excited about that. Andrew: What type of themes will you be exploring with this new […]

Fireflight Talks About “Now”

Fireflight’s lead vocalist Dawn speaks with cmaddict contributor Jon Fisher about their latest album “Now” 1. Your last album was titled “For Those Who Wait” and the new album is title “Now.”  Is there any significance to that juxtaposition?   We didn’t set out to create one, but in the end I suppose it’s a […]

Peter Furler Talks About His Solo Album “On Fire”

After twenty years as Newsboys lead singer, Peter Furler goes solo with his debut project “On Fire”. CMADDICT Contributor Cara Fisher asks him about his new album and life after Newsboys. You toured with Newsboys for two decades, was it difficult adjusting to “normal” life? What’s normal life? [laughs] I don’t think I know what […]

Rebecca St. James On Life & New Music

Grammy Award winner and multiple Dove Award recipient Rebecca St. James, talks with CMADDICT Contributer Grace Thorson about her lead role in “Sarah’s Choice”, her Pro-Life tour, and upcoming new music. Thanks for being with us today. No worry. No worry. With the release of Sarah’s Choice in November of 2009, what was it like […]

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